Abandoned? Exposed is a multi-faceted event that includes:

1. An exhibition of photographic work (both in printed and digital format) by Julia Clay and Geppe Monrós on the theme of ‘Abandoned?’ including large format photographic montages by Julia. There will also be work shown by invited artists, photographers, sculptors, and sound designers on the theme of ‘Abandoned?’

2. A screening of the documentary film, ‘Abandoned?’ directed by Geppe Monrós followed by an open discussion event where experts will be invited to discuss and answer questions from the public about their experiences, solutions and views on reusing abandoned places as well as conserving them.

3. Workshops on the theme of ‘Abandoned?’ that combine history, recycling and art that are suitable for both children and university students. The resulting work will be exhibited physically and virtually at the end of the workshop.


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