It all began when Julia Clay and Geppe Monrós met in 2007 and realised they shared a passion for exploring and photographing abandoned places. They decided to take their passion further afield and to travel across Europe investigating and documenting such places.

During the months of research prior to departure their eyes were opened to the environmental and social problems caused by such an abundance of abandoned places. They also saw that a wealth of heritage was being lost due to redevelopment or neglect.

They decided to form the not for profit, cultural association ‘Assoc. Abandoned?’ to aid in their now, extended mission of not only immortalising the hidden beauty, evocation and stories of these abandoned sites but also to raise awareness, find re-use solutions and to provide a platform from which debate on the subject could be brought to a wider audience.  All of which is encompassed with the association’s project, ‘Abandoned? Exposed’

The name ‘Abandoned?’ was used as they wanted to explore the concept that nowhere is ever totally abandoned but in constant transformation, waiting for nature or someone to find it and give it a new life.

They decided that on the journey, alongside the photographic project, they would make a documentary film also on the theme of ‘Abandoned?’ that would explore the innovative ways humans have, can and must re-use their environment.

On their return they formed the production house ‘Neien Media S.C.P.’ to facilitate the film’s post-production and to look for co-production opportunities, which they found with T.V.E.

‘Abandoned?’ is a documentary film about the need to re-use abandoned places, a series of photographic exhibitions exploring their hidden beauty and stories of the abandoned and a number of workshops and debates that encourage discussion on the subject of Abandoned?

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