28 interviews have been completed with people such as:

• Those who occupy abandoned places.
OSCAR: Part of the collective at Can Masdeu near Barcelona who occupied and rehabilitated an abandoned leprosy colony that had been abandoned for many decades.
ESOSI: A squatting collective that is sustainably restoring an abandoned village in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Can Mas Deu, Barcelona, Spain

  The pedal powered washing machine at Can Mas Deu near Barcelona
• People who rebuild, recycle or reuse them in a sustainable way.
DOUG FRANCIS: From ‘The Artspace Lifespace Project’ (U.K.)
ANTONIO LIPANOVIC: Reused an abandoned military bunker on Vis Island (Croatia) to produce wine.
ALI SAFTEKIN: His family were forcibly moved from Greece to Turkey during the population exchange in 1923. They were given a house that had been abandoned by its Greek owners in Kayakoy (Turkey).
JOHN HAINSWORTH Trustee of the Workhouse (Llanfyllin Dolydd Building Preservation Trust) (Powys, Wales)

LIPANOVIC wine, Vis Island, Croatia

  Lipanovic winery, Vis Island, Croatia
• People who restore and conserve them.
JAN DUDAS: restored an abandoned house and also sells abandoned palaces in Slovakia
JOHN and BEA LAUGHLAND: restored an abandoned house in Kayakoy, Turkey.
Abandoned palace, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia
  Abandoned palace in Banska Stiavnika, Slovakia with unique frescos
• Artists who use them as a space to work from.
VERONIQUE SERFASS: Ex member of the Caminal art collective and now resident artist at La Escocesa in Barcelona.
MARCO NORRIS: resident artist at La Escocesa in Barcelona.
JOHN EDDY: resident artist at The Workhouse (Powys, Wales)
JOANNAH MUNTON: Puppeteer working from the Workhouse (Powys, Wales)
La Escocessa, Art Collective, Barcelona, Spain
  La Escocesa art collective in Barcelona.
• Urban explorers who explore and document them.
JAN STEL: URBEX photographer and author of the book ‘Past Glory’ (The Netherlands)
HENK VAN RENSBERGER: URBEX photographer and author of several books on abandoned places (Belgium)
DIMITRI DE WIT : URBEX photographer (The Netherlands)
Urban Exploration, Belgium
  An abandoned chateau and then later a children's holiday camp in Belgium.

and also the voices of some specialists such as:
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Mr. Luca Marmo: Head of Soil Sector, European Commission (E.E.A.),
Mr. Fred Taggart: Projects Director, The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (U.K.)
Professor Massimo Tadi: Faculty of Architecture, Politecnico di Milan (Italy)
Professor Francesc Muñoz Ramírez: The Urbanism Observatory, U.A.B. (University Autonomous of Barcelona) (Spain),
Mr. Gokhan Avicioglu: Principle and founder of G.A.D. (Global Architectural Development) (Istanbul - New York),
Mr. Evert Verhagen: Founder of REUSE BV and was the Project Manager for the Westgasfabriek regeneration project in Amsterdam.
Dr. Benjamin Fragner: Director of the Research Centre for Industrial Heritage (Czech Republic),
Mr. John Hurd: President/Chairman of Advisory Committee of I.C.O.M.O.S. (International Council on Monuments and Sites),
Mr. David Ireland: C.E.O. Empty Homes (U.K.).
Dr. Patricia Emptage: author and expert in cultural anthropology (Turkey),
Aurora López: Director of Urbanism at 22@ Barcelona, (Spain)
Professor Peter Latz: Founder of Latz + Partner GbR Architects (Germany)
Dr Radek Mikulas, Institute of Geology, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic
NORA BOUSDIRA KOSSOWSKI: Networks and talent development 22@, Barcelona

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