'Abandoned?' on TV:

The Spanish TV version of the film (57 minutes) was screened on La 2 (T.V.E.) nationwide in Spain in September 2014, in August 2015 and in March 2016. Nearly a million people have seen '¿ABANDONADO?' on TV (LA 2: TVE).

'Abandoned?' film festival selections:

During 2013 and 2014 the Abandoned? film has been presented for selection at a number of international film festivals. This is a long, difficult and highly competitive process, especially for a film such as ours that doesn't easily fit into a traditional genre. However we are very excited to say that we have been selected at the following film festivals and we are still waiting to hear from many more.

  • FICMA Latin America 2015: FICMA tour of Latin America, 2015
  • OLOT.DOC Spain: 10th International Documentary Festival. Olot. March 2015
  • Overlook 2014, Italy: 5th CinemAvvenire Film Festival, Rome. December 2014
  • FICMA, Spain: Environmental International Film Festival, Barcelona. November 2014
  • BICC Ronda 2014: 27th Edition of the Biennial International Scientist Film (BICC), Multiple sites in Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, México, Costa Rica and Colombi. Autumn 2014
  • INTERNATIONAL MOVIE AWARDS, Indonesia: Jakarta. GOLD AWARD. September 2014
  • FESTIVER 2014, Colombia: Festival de Cine Verde, Barichara. September 2014,
  • Mpumalanga International Film Festival, South Africa: August 2014
  • 30th Festroia, Portugal: 30th International Festroia Film Festival, June 2014
  • ESPIELLO XII, Spain: Ethnographic Documentary International Festival, Sobrarbe. April 2014


December 2013

Our son Kai selected a paper from the email addresses left in the urn in the cinema's foyer. The film's director, Geppe Monrós presented Juan Carlos Lopez Molinos his chosen prize of a photograph by Julia Clay


November 2013

'Abandoned?' was screened in the auditorium of Eina (University Centre of Design and Art of Barcelona) The screening of the documentary began the exercise "Intervention in an abandoned place: remote places, here," led by Professor Tània Costa.

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Winner of the Abandoned? draw

'Abandoned?' in the press, Autumn 2013:

The press was buzzing with news about the 'Abandoned?' project. Click here to read, watch or listen to some of this coverage.

Abandoned? is screened at the cinema

October 2013

The 'Abandoned?' documentary film will be returning to Cinemes Girona in Barcelona for a further 3 weeks of screenings..

Abandoned? will be screened in Spanish on Wednesday October 30th and November 6th at 21:30, then in English on November 13th at 21:30. The film is 65 minutes long and will be followed by a cinema forum of around 20 minutes when there will be questions and answers with the film's director and/or members of the team. There is a mini-exhibition of photography from the 'Abandoned?' project in the cinema's foyer.
Cinemes Girona,
C/Girona 175
08037 Barcelona
Tel: 93 118 45 31

September 2013

We're very excited to announce the cinema premiere of the Spanish version of the documentary film 'Abandoned?' at Cinemes Girona in Barcelona on Wednesday September 18th 2013 at 19:30.

May 2013

We start sending the film for selection at different international film festivals.

Julia and Geppe have a 'taster' exhibition of some of their photos of abandoned places in "La Fundició", Barcelona.

April 2013

The English and Spanish versions of the documentary film 'Abandoned?' have been completed.

Autumn 2012

Dragomir Bajalica begins the film's edit. Ian Britton begins composing the film's music.

Summer 2012

All production work has now been completed.

March 2012

The Spanish Tv Company RTVE confirm that they will be co-producing 'Abandoned?' with the prod uti on house Neien Media S.C.P. This investment will secure the completion of the film and its post-production.

December 2011

The English website for the documentary film 'Abandoned?' is completed. 

looking for funding to complete the film's postproduction work.

November 2011

30 hours video footage edited down to 4 hours.
Draft promotional video completed.

Vimeo account and channel set up.

October 2011

Architecture for Humanity launches the 2011 Open Architecture Challenge – [un]restricted access – a design competition that will re-envision the future of decommissioned military space. This is an open invite to the global design and construction community to identify retired military installations in their own backyard, to collaborate with local stakeholders, and to reclaim these spaces for social, economic, and environmental good.

The Open Architecture Network Design Competition

September 2011

You tube account and channel set up.

Project 'Abandoned?' begins collaboration work with Architecture For Humanity and advises them on the 2011 Open Architecture Challenge, '[un]restricted access'
" The 2011 Open Architecture Challenge will invite architects around the world to re-design retired military sites. This competition requires that designers work with communities surrounding these former places of conflict to transform hostile, and oftentimes painful, locations into sites where groups can gather, create and heal."

July 2011

Script completed.
All production work completed for the documentary film.

May 24th - 27th, 2011

Project 'Abandoned?' is invited by the European Commission to exhibit at Green Week in Brussels. Julia designs 2 panels (2472 x 1968cm each) to be displayed in their Charlemagne building. Geppe is invited to attend the event where he makes some useful contacts, participates in several debates and views some interesting documentaries and exhibitions. He meets up with Luca Marmo (Head of the European Commission's soil sector) who has supported the 'Abandoned?' project since he was interviewed for the film in 2010.
The panel designs can be viewed [ here ]

Green Week 2011, The European Commission, Brussels, Belgium

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