the core team

Geppe Monrós (José Ramon Montserrat Rosell)
Script writer, film and photography direction, production, still photography
Geppe has 25 years experience working in film-making and photography(commercial and artistic) [C.V.]

Neien Media SCP
NEIEN MEDIA SCP is the new production house behind the post-production, distribution and sales of the film.

Association Abandoned?
An NGO based in Barcelona that has provided contacts and helped to coordinate the film's network of collaborators. They will also be organising parallel activities at some of the film's screenings eg debates and conferences.

Julia Clay
Still photography, graphics, documentation, communication, production.

Julia has 20 years experience in post-production, photography, animation, film making, digital design, illustration as well as teaching digital arts, video and photography. [C.V.]

A European network of people and organisations
The team are collaborating with a European network of 40 people or organisations in 16 countries across Europe.

Julia and GeppeJulia and Geppe have always had a passion for seeking out and capturing abandoned places, their hidden beauty and stories. Their portfolios are full of static and moving imagery depicting derelict buildings, abstract architectural skeletons, discarded objects etc.
They have witnessed and been personally affected by the destruction of abandoned buildings and the communities which develop within and around them.
In this project they unite their passions for abandoned spaces and the stories they hold with their desire to raise awareness regarding the need to recycle or conserve these spaces to help maintain our environment, preserve our cultural heritage and reduce the excessive urban development that is taking over parts of Europe.
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Other members of the team
Dragomir Bajalica - The film's 'chief' editor
Ian Briton - Composer of the music used in the film's sound track
Alex García Martínez - Editor and camera operator

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